Cinemax: Month of 300

Client Cinemax / HBO
Agency Same Tomorrow

When Cinemax was looking to kick off their Month Of 300 Campaign, they need a concept that would seamlessly tie in their brand along with the blockbuster-hit film, 300, thus giving the two a brand of their own. The idea was to premiere 300 new movies or features during the month of March. To help spark the interest of the consumers, a sweepstakes was created to give them a chance to win a fully customized 2008 Chrysler 300C.

The creative concept was to develop a string of ads and commercials that was geared towards the middle age and up audience. A series of illustrations were created for the ads with the idea of: “An everyday working person imagining to be a modern day Spartan in the city”.

These ads were published in well-known magazines such as, Entertainment Weekly, XXL, and Rides as well as produced into limited edition prints. The designs were also blown up to billboard size images that were displayed around the HBO main office in New York. A microsite along with other print collateral was also developed based off the Cinemax and 300 branding.