MTV Music Meter

Client MTV
Agency Same Tomorrow
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IAC Best Interactive Music Application, Web Marketing Association Awards-Outstanding Site
MTV Music Meter is a new music discovery site that utilizes an algorithm developed by EchoNest to rank the top 100 emerging artists. The site works by tracking artist's social media buzz through twitter, blogs, and news feeds and ranks them according to which artist’s creating the most velocity at any given moment. The focus of the site is to showcase up and coming talent and allows users to potentially discover new artists or music outside of the main stream musicians such as Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Bieber, etc.

The challenge was to create and design an application that could be viewed on multiple platforms and use same main functionality seamlessly as possible across the various medias. With that in mind, the idea of the card-like-widget was created and designed to function the same way on both the web and mobile devices. The clean and simple site allows users to easily explore the Music Meter without much explanation and also keeps the focus on the artists.